Ice, snow, wetness, oil, and other dangers are just a few of the factors and situations that can cause slip and fall incidents. In addition, negligence frequently results in these accidents.

When you encounter a slip and fall accident, it could be challenging to assign blame to someone else. However, you could be justified in filing a slip and fall case if you suffered severe injuries due to someone else’s negligent property upkeep.

Accidents involving slipping and falling can happen due to damp floors without warning signs, ice walkways, inadequate handrails, and other circumstances. Trip and fall accidents can also be caused by insufficient property care problems, such as ripped carpets, fractured walkways, and damaged flooring.

Victims in these situations risk suffering significant injuries that could call for surgery, costly medical rehabilitation, or caregiver care. In severe circumstances, these mishaps may potentially result in lifelong impairment. Additionally, these wounds could necessitate the sufferers to take an unpaid leave of absence from work while they heal, adding unnecessary financial strain.

Before necessary evidence of your fall is destroyed, talk to one of our slip and fall injury attorneys if you have been hurt due to a fall.


Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act, you may be entitled to compensation if you suffer injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident on private or public property. Our slip and fall accident attorneys at Pace Law Firm are here to ensure you get the coverage and benefits you are entitled to.

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I was engaged in a car accident that almost killed me. Even though it was hotly disputed who was to blame for the accident, Alex Voudouris took on my case and guided it to a favourable outcome. Despite the complexity of my injuries, the complexities of the legal challenges, and the uncertainty of the development, Alex never gave up. They never wavered, securing my financial future for the medical treatment and income replacement I will so sorely need. I wholeheartedly endorse Alex and his diligent and accommodating staff.
A car door struck my leg a few years back due to the wind. My leg had surgery two weeks later and was saved but permanently injured. I had already come to terms with my impending fate, the projected loss of income, and mounting medical costs at that point. Then, by coincidence, Alex Voudouris heard about my situation and informed me that what had happened was equivalent to a vehicle accident and that I was entitled to financial compensation. Alex eventually aggressively pursued my claim, which produced a fantastic outcome and gave my 88-year-old mind peace. Alex was kind and considerate to me throughout the entire process. As a result, he and his colleagues at Pace Law Firm have my highest recommendation.


Are you unsure if you qualify for accident benefits? You are eligible for accident benefits and have the option to submit a “tort” claim if you were hurt due to someone else’s carelessness. A tort claim is a legal action that asks for money to cover costs associated with your accident-related injuries. Medical expenditures, benefits to replace lost income, benefits for caregivers, compensation for pain and suffering, and other costs are examples.

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